What are we doing?

Coos County Foster Parent Association along with The Gray Family and City of North Bend, are renovating Airport Heights park in North Bend, Oregon.  The new park will be named Dillian's Place and will be an all-inclusive, all access park for kids of ALL abilities! This will be a park kids from all over Coos County will enjoy.  

Why all-inclusive

This park is designed to appeal to kids with cognitive or emotional ages 2 to 12 years old. It has also been uniquely designed to meet the needs of kids that experience sensory sensitivities, physical and cognitive disabilities, as well as introduces interactive play between kids and adults. In Coos County, there are approximately 12,000 children, approximately 2,000 experience a diagnosed disability and an estimated 2,000 more are in a category considered marginal or undiagnosed with degrees of behaviors consistant with documented disability. This will be the first park to meet the needs of kids of all abilities, in our county. A place where families and children from all over our county can play and connect.


Why all access
By providing a play space, where all activities can be accessed by individuals experiencing disabilities, we truly are able to create an all-inclusive environment.  This means that adults and children alike can access and enjoy nearly every aspect of this play space, no matter the ability.  

Please consider a one time donation of $10.

 This page and associated posts have been shared so many times, that we could raise the money needed to bring this park to life in no time! 


Pinwheels serve as the national symbol for child abuse prevention.  It is a reflection of hope, health and safety for children everywhere. 

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