Thank you for your interest in this very special project.  We are a Coos County family and have been doing foster care since 2011. Dillian came to us when he was 4 months old, diagnosed with shaken baby syndrome. He had many manifested disabilities, and many that we were still unaware of.  As time passed, the severity of his disability was more obvious.  He was ultimately diagnosed with infantile spasms, and later Lennox Gaustaut Syndrome, a form of epilepsy.  He was cortically blind, cortically deaf, he suffered from dystonia and autonomic nervous system dysfunction.  He came to have a feeding tube and trach placed to help meet his ever growing needs.  From the time he was 4 months old, he never progressed beyond a near vegetative state, unable to smile, roll over, ore have any purposeful movement.  In May of 2017, at age 2 1/2 we were blessed to become his legal parents.  In April 2017, Dillian was placed under the care of South Coast Hospice and July 11, 2017 he jumped into the arms of Jesus.

Dillian was a very special little boy that had an impact on everyone he came in contact with.  He did not get the opportunity to have a childhood, playing and giggling like most kids, instead most of Dillian's life was spent in pain, discomfort, and mostly in bed.  So when we began thinking of a way we could honor this amazing little boy, we decided that providing a place for other children to play and have fun, no matter what their ability, would be the perfect way to honor his life.


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After talking this over with the City of North Bend, we decided collectively on a location of a pre-existing park.  We concluded that Airport Heights park would be a perfect location for a park of this kind.


Dillian's Place will have many special features that address the many different needs and abilities of kids in our community.  The color of the play structure was taken into account as well as many attributes of the play features to address kids that experience sensory sensitivities, autism, and even cochlear implants. Special features that help with regulation and spacial supports, as well as textures, sounds, and interactive integration that will help kids feel included and experience play at their ability level.  Nearly every feature has an option and potential to be used by kids that need additional support, or utilize devices such as wheel chairs.  No longer will they be forced to watch from a distance, now they will be able to play alongside their peers.  Parent and children that experience mobility issues will appreciate the accessible surface of the play structure that will allow free movement of wheelchairs and other mobility assistive devices, as well as the textural input for kids that experience sensory input sensitivities. 

One major consideration of the location of this park, was that the new Child Welfare building is being built nearly across the street.  This park will be a great place for parents and children to interact during a very difficult season.  One very important feature of this park, that was taken into great consideration, is parent child interaction panels.  These are called "talking panels."  These are placed throughout the play space as a way to encourage organic play and interaction between kids and parents.  

As you can see, this park will benefit our community in many different ways.  Please check out the rest of this website to get more informaiton about this project.  We ask that you consider contributing to this project in what ever way you feel led. If you would like more info, please click on the "Contact Us" button below.  Thank you again for your support. 

Justin and Christina Gray and 

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