Commemorative Brick


Would you like to recognize someone with a onetime donation that will last a lifetime?
Help us complete the honor path at Dillian's Place.
Purchase an engraved brick in honor of your family, memory of a loved one, a community volunteer, birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, your company or organization. Each sponsored brick will be a visible part of the red brick pathway.
All proceeds raised from the commemorative brick program will be used to complete the pathway and renovate the Airport Heights Park into Dillian's Place - An All Inclusive, Special Needs Park.
The honor path will be located at Dillian's Place, winding through am 
arboretum. This arboretum will be planted when the new play structure goes in, to further enhance the beauty of the park and provide a venue for individuals in our community to enjoy. 

Memorial Tree with plaque

Along our commemorative brick path, we will offer a limited opportunity for individuals to honor their loved ones by purchasing a memorial tree as part of our arboretum.  All trees will come with a personalized memorial plaque that will be placed at the foot of the tree. 



​So many times we have been asked "how do you do foster care?" or told "I could never love and let go like you have to." 

If we let the fear of letting go, or the fear of the unknown, stand in the way, we would have missed out on so many amazing little people.  It is not easy, loving and losing, saying hello and saying good-bye, but it is worth the risk everytime.  

Love leaves a mark, on our hearts, on the hearts of others, on our community....just like love left a mark on the hands of Jesus! 

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