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Fundraising Process

September 19, 2017

We have had a lot of people asking about the fundraising process.  This process takes a little time, but we have been diligent in researching and working through this process with thought and patience.  


We determined the location and worked with professionals to put together a park that would fit the needs of the children in our community.  We spent time researching equipment and disabilities and what would best meet the needs of the largest population of children and families.  Then we sent the design for rendering.  


We now have a computer generated diagram of what the play structure will actually be.  We also now have a line-by-line budget for this project that has helped us determine our over all goal for this project.  


Now that we have that all prepared, we can begin fundraising.  Fundraising will happen in a number of phases.  Phase one is the in-kind donations.  This helps us demonstrate the community support behind this project. 


Phase two will be seeking sponsorships and donors.  Every penny raised can be used to demonstrate support and be used when applying for matching grants.  We cannot apply for matching grants until we have raised enough funds through in-kind, sponsorship, and donor funding, as the larger amount of funds used in the matching application, the larger the grant award will be. 


Currently we are in phase two of our funding process.  We are working to connect in our community with business owners and organizations that would like to sponsor this park in one way or another.  Please check out our Sponsor page for more specific information. 


Phase 3 will be grant funding application.  We have began applying for grants, however will wait for matching grants until we have secured more through sponsorships.  










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